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The Fourth Dimension (2022)

Period January 18 - March 27, 2022

The shape of vessels is the most basic form of ceramics. Various artists in all times and places have tried to create vessels while closely relating to their respective cultures. Linking up with the Mashiko Museum Residency Program, this exhibition will introduce the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art’s collections, which includes the works of modern masters, and the works of the artists who are currently engaged in these activities, on the same level. In the exhibition of approximately 50 works by 33 artists in Japan and abroad, we will look at the way the shape of vessel is expressed in their works. The term “vessel” here does not necessarily mean functional wares. We will also pay attention to the works of artists who pursue the shape of vessel (a shape that has a rim and is formed by the inner and outer shapes) and artists who understand the shape of vessels in a philosophical dimension by relating them to the process of creating works. Twenty years have passed since the beginning of the 21st century. From the 20th century to this century, what has changed and what hasn’t? Based on the questions that can be sent out at the intersection of the two periods, the exhibition is composed from five perspectives.

House in Kasama / 笠間の家 / 2021 Kazuhito Kawai


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